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I  create theatre that attempts to reveal life, whether real or imagined, in a theatrical manner. Dynamic and respectful collaboration is the cornerstone of my work as a director. I seek to work with writers wanting to explore the human condition with original characters that can sweep audiences up on their journey. Rather than to develop shows based on out-dated formulas I am excited by musicals that tell stories in new ways written with an authentic voice.

My work is cinematic in nature by maximizing close collaborative designs to hold an audiences attention. I believe that a musical’s rhythm dictates the entire production and strive to never interrupt it and risk losing the audience. That inherent rhythm carries through into the staging, painting evocative and visual motifs that allow the story to be experienced truthfully. I base my work on careful script analysis and use research as a springboard to challenge actors to make strong choices that are truthful to the story.

I seek to expand the artistic form of theatre in the commercial arena. I believe that theatre has the capacity to change the world by broadening an audience perception of its inhabitance while minimizing the differences. I seek out projects that are relevant to new audiences who have grown tired of their grandparent’s theatre. Musicals must be a transformative event for audiences revealing hidden lives, catching them up in the emotions presented, and drawing them back for another ride.